You’ve heard it a thousand times “Decorate in neutrals to get the best value for your home.” If you are like countless others, you don’t live your life in neutrals but in splashes of vibrant colors, and Raven Homes believes that your home should reflect how you live.

So, how do you get away from the neutral malaise? One part of the solution is texture. There are a myriad of finishes for walls, countertops and cabinets that many people forget to explore. A leather texture on an off-white wall can suddenly add dimension as the texture picks up light and contrasts it with shadows.

Underestimating the value of well done faux-finish on cabinets and walls can limit your scope because this type of finish work can turn a plain kitchen cabinet into a rustic French kitchen or a plain white wall into a playful pattern of colors.

Another important aspect is to pay attention to your lighting elements. A strategically placed sconce can change a neutral gray wall into a glowing, warm canvas with the flick of a switch.

This type of attention to detail will bring your neutral palette alive, as your custom home begins to reflect your lifestyle.